Candidate Screen- 4/13
Complete redesign of candidate screen and interaction to better support user needs
IQNavigator iPhone and Android apps- 3/12
Create and update IQNavigator's smartphone applications for improved usability and experience.

Feedback about Sean

"I have worked with Sean on many web and strategic marketing programs over the last seven years. He is the authority in defining the why behind business requirements and customer needs to create the best user experiences on the web for the company. His passion in problem solving and finding the best answer to a challenge has been a huge asset to the team. His web project management is performed at a very high level and Sean is used to wearing many different hats in a very fast paced enviroment. He is an expert in his field and always stays informed on the latest innovations and technical advances in the industry -- social media, best practices in user experiences, search engine optimization and marketing. Sean drives measurable results in anything he takes on."

- Hilary Smith - Director Marketing Communications, Arrow Electronics